This page lists the articles I have published in God’s Revivalist, the official God’s Bible School and College and the oldest continuously published religious periodical in the United States. The articles are in Adobe pdf format. If you do not have the free Adobe Reader, you can download it here.






Unconditional Eternal Security — Part 1  (4/2003)
Unconditional Eternal Security — Part 2  (5/2003)
Does God Create Evil?  (6/2003)
Will the Jews Go to Heaven?  (10/2003)
Let’s Live Ready – The Imminent Return of Jesus  (11/2003)
Avoiding Deception by False Prophets  (12/2003)
Living Above Willful Sin  (1/2004)
Is it Wrong to Break the Speed Limit?  (3/2004)
Obeying Speed Limits – Part 2  (6/2004)
Bible Translations – Part 1  (4/2004)
Bible Translations – Part 2  (5/2004)
Holiness, Sanctification, and the World  (9/2004)
Is Obesity Sin?  (10/2004)
More on Obesity: The Sins of the Fathers  (12/2004)
Letting the Dead Bury the Dead  (11/2004)
How Should I Study the Bible?  (1/2005)
How to Respond when Someone Offends You  (3/2005)
Tithing – Part 1 (4/2005)
Tithing – Part 2  (5/2005)
Tithing – Part 3  (6/2005)
What is God’s Glory?  (9/2005)
Why should I Waste a Year in Bible College?  (10/2005)
You all don’t own televisions, do you?  (11/2005)
Does the Bible teach we all have free will?  (12/2005)
Free Will and Prevenient Grace  (3/2006)
Rick Warren’s ‘A Purpose-Driven Life’: A Review  (1/2006)
I don’t have a call to the ministry, why should I go to Bible college?  (4/2006)

How could there be light on Day 1 without the sun? (5/2006)

Rick Warren’s ‘A Purpose-Driven Life’: A Review – part 2 (6/2006)

Does Hebrews 12:14 teach ‘Holiness or Hell’? (10/2006)

Baptismal Regeneration (11/2006)

What does it mean to pursue peace and holiness? (12/2006)

How to pursue holiness: six steps (1/2007)

Why the blood? Why the cross? Why the resurrection? (3/2007)

Soul Sleep (4/2007)

Carnal Anger vs. Righteous Anger (6/2007)

Truth-telling and Criminal Investigations (9/2007)

Did God create evil? (10/2007)

Degrees of Heavenly Rewards? (12/2007)

Can backsliders ever be renewed? (1/2008)

How does one resist the devil? (3/2008)

How much prayer is enough – part 1 (4/2008)