Child Rearing Resources


Welcome to our child rearing resource page! Marianne and I are just starting this process, but fortunately we’re building on the wisdom of our parents. In addition to mom’s book on the subject, we’re listing below other resources we have found helpful. The inclusion of a book in this look does not mean that we endorse everything the other says, nor does the exclusion of a book from this list mean we don’t like it or disapprove of it.


Philip’s Picks


·         To Train Up A Child by Michael & Debi Pearl
This book transformed the way I think about discipline. Specifically, I had a punishment-for-wrong-doing paradigm. The Pearls helped me to add to that a training paradigm. I found this particularly relevant for the pre-cognitive stage in a child’s development. For other resources by the Pearls, see their website

·         How to Have Kids with Character . . . By Dr. Nadine M. Brown
This book contains the foundational principles that trained me and my brother and that form the bedrock of my own child-rearing philosophy. I can’t speak too highly of it


Marianne’s Picks (in addition to the above)


·         My First 300 Babies by Gladys W. Hendrick
Marianne: What I learned from this book was how to order a child’s schedule so they would be content. It helped me know how to get my house work done with a new born. Gladys Hendrick developed this method by helping new moms and newborns immediately after they came home from the hospital.  She has used it on over 700 babies and found it works virtually without exception.

·         On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam.
We know this is a controversial book. However, we found it helpful and would encourage others to read it and interact with its ideas, regardless of whether you end up accepting them all or not.